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Some Psychology Topic Ideas for You

A Comparison and Contrast of William Bradford and Christopher Columbus.

This paper w will about how these drives seem to have framed their vision of the new world and its inhabitants. 

A Comparison of the Ideas of Margaret Naumburg and Edith Kramer

In this paper a paper writer will examine the ideas and theories of two eminent artists, therapists and founding mothers of the field of Art Therapy. These individuals are Margaret Naumburg and Edith Kramer. Both, in their own way, have contributed to the emergence, and legitimization of the field of Art Therapy. In this paper, we will focus on the more theoretical aspects of the field, as well as the implications of these theories. We will draw on the ideas of other thinkers, who have contributed to the thoughts of both Naumburg and Kramer, and we will look deeply at the thoughts of each individually, before we spend some time comparing them.

A Contrast Analysis of The Swimmer and The Sorrows of Gin by John Cheever.

Synopsis: A paper that contrasts two stories: The Swimmer and The Sorrows of Gin by John Cheever. By showing a character analysis of each of the stories, we can assemble an argument to show their differences on the subject of alcoholism.

A Critical Analysis of the Article "Perceived Purposes of Sport Among Recreational Participants: The role of competitive dispositions" by Todd A. Ryska

This paper discusses psychology. This research paper will present a critical analysis of the article "Perceived purposes of sport among recreational participants: The role of competitive dispositions" by the renowned author Todd A. Ryska (2002). While examining the article for it's content, theme and approach, the paper will highlight the role of competitiveness, motivational goals and how the achievement theory of motivation influences the sportsman's perception thereby evoking his various emotions and bringing a change in the personality in general and behavior as well as performance in particular. To writу this paper a writer can use statistics help in order to find good supporting facts.

A Critical Discussion of Alfred Adler on Pessimism in First-Born Children.

This paper examines Adler's comments on the trait of pessimism that he regarded as a frequent indicator of neurosis that is often presented in first-born children. Adler's attention to the place in the family of patients encouraged much research into birth order and life experience in addition to symptomologies.

A Critical Review of Paul the Convert by Alan F. Segal

This paper will analyze Alan Segal's book "Paul the Convert". Segal is presenting a thesis that makes Paul`s Jewish nature a strong factor in his objective to help unite Gentiles and Jews in Tarsus. In his conversion, he is not the type of Christian we might see in today`s world, making Segal`s psychoanalytical premise seem unfounded due to lack of historical or linguistic evidence.

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